Business Capsule – Starting a Small Business

Throughout this article, I will transcribe certain terms and concepts in bold to draw attention to them. These are the buzzwords and search terms that should help you out if you’re looking to go through the process of incorporation yourself. The idea is that providing these terms throughout the article will give a rough road…

Experiential Turbulence

The idea of presence is one that eludes definition. It falls into the trap of being an abstract concept that sits on the edge of our perception and yet is intrinsic to it. A particularly strong presence can suddenly capture the attention and demand its focus, and conversely, a weak but pervasive presence can distract…

Permanence and Change

The Natural world is one that is neither stable nor permanent, and the built world by contrast is often thought of as its opposite, concrete and stubborn. These two opposing environments have served as the inspiration for the architecture I have studied and as the focal point of my artwork regarding nature and the built…

The Business of Connection

In our current digital age access is everything. The internet has provided us with the expectation that information can now be within reach at a moments notice, and this expectation is slowly creeping into aspects of our world outside of the purely digital.

No Stop System

Archizoom’s No stop city is a proposed dystopian conclusion to consumer-driven architectural development. In No stop city the box store is the template applied to the entirety of occupiable space, resulting in the endless interior, a space that is so all-encompassing that it defines even the horizon. The project conveyed this notion of uniform regulated…

A Natural Architecture

An exploration of how architecture has emerged from the natural environment and has then redefined what was natural to begin with. The nuance of this relationship is one that I attempt to dissect from within and then offer some examples of how this seemingly subconscious sensibility has manifest itself in the built environment.

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