Experiential Turbulence

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Architecture is a profession that sits on the edge of the creative tradition and the hard sciences. This is something that is intuitively known as architects routinely balance understanding human behavior while developing creative and functional spaces. In the case of this project, the idea of art and science co-mingling has produced a hybrid approach to solving a scientific inquiry with the methodologies of art. The study strives to document people inhabiting a space, relating to each other’s presence, and rendering their interactions in an artistic and intuitive way. To achieve this, a program was developed for capturing the movements of actors and abstracting their interactions into an interactive art piece…

Published by Harrison Marek

Harrison is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a master’s in architecture. He is the founder of Interval Design Inc. and has a strong interest in both the physical challenges of fabrication as well as the digital challenges of interactive design. Hoping to voice the opinions and perspectives that have driven him to these pursuits he is also the writer and curator of the blog Hyper Objective, a catalog of novel ideas realized through a careful investigation of the field of architecture and design.

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